Testimonials about the Instructor

"Barre Fitness has been such a great addition to my workout. Barre fitness will make you sweat like you're doing cardio all the while toning your body in the most feminine way. Rather than just build muscle this class sculpts your body, making you look better than you ever thought possible. After just 4 classes, a friend asked me, "What are you doing? You look great!" Ashley's energy and smile are infectious and keeps you going to the very end. I tell everyone I meet who enjoys working out that they should come try it."

-Emily Davis

I have been attending Ashley's BarreFitness class for just under 6 months and my body has never looked better. This class works your body in ways it's never seen! I have always had strong legs but never felt that they had the long-lean look that I was striving towards. BarreFitness has changed all that! This class is VERY challenging, but Ashley is so upbeat and motivating that you enjoy every minute of it. I love that no class is ever the same. It would be impossible to get bored with this class as Ashley is always mixing things up.....keeps your body guessing! It's been neat to recognize how my body has become stronger since starting BarreFitness. Each week I've realized that I can go just a bit deeper and hold things just a bit longer than I was able to just weeks earlier. I remember when attending class once per week felt like a killer and now I've worked up to attending class 2-3 times per week. It leaves your body looking and feeling amazing!

Ashley makes this class and I'm convinced that this class just wouldn't be the same without her. Physically, she is uber-inspiring! While it's obvious that she has had extensive dancing experience, she doesn't cue in "dance-speak" which I think is very helpful for those who haven't had dance training (but would love their bodies to look like they're a life-long dancer).

I cannot say enough great things about Ashley and BarreFitness. I feel like it's added a really fun component to my workout regimen and is definitely something I look forward to and have never once dreaded. Give it a try...your body will thank you!

-Misha Green

" I truly love Ashley's energy she is inspiring and motivating!" "I first went to Ashley because of an injury and I stayed because I loved what pilates was doing for my whole body" "barre class is so much fun that you don't care that its so challenging. I'm addicted!" they are all true! I so grateful for you and the guidance you have given me. Its the first time in years that I have seen my body change. You are awesome!! I love you! thank you!

-Amelia Mouton

I have always been active and fit. Now, I have two joints that need to be replaced (shoulder and hip), and pain has kept me from doing so many things for the last few years that I have lost all my muscle tone. Ashley has me working muscles without pain and without hurting my joints, and I am starting to get some muscle tone back. By strengthening my core and learning how to move from it, I am able to do things that I could not do 2 months ago. Miraculous!

-Dianne Moeller, RD

I highly recommend Perk! Pilates Fitness. The vitality, balance, strength and energy is so apparent after one of Ashley's encouraging and varied pilates sessions. The body/mind awareness, core strength and alignment has been beneficial in all my activities. CM

I'm approaching 50 in the best shape of my life and I have pilates to thank. I took it up two years ago because I had started running and wanted extra core strength to reduce the chance of injury. I'm no longer running, but I am still doing pilates. I stick with it because I feel so good afterwards, and because Ashley constantly changes things and challenges me, and that keeps it interesting. I am stronger, have more muscle definition and am more flexible than I've ever been. Thanks Ashley!


I had my first Pilates experience with Ashley! I was recovering from a back injury that had resulted in chronic back pain. Most abdominal work further aggravated my condition.  Ashley was able to start me out with a very basic approach on the reformer that eventually lead such an increase in core strength that I am Hooked!!!!!!!! THANKS ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Martha Grover

I have been a runner and soccer player since childhood, and always thought the best way to stay in shape was running and lifting weights. Since experiencing Pilates and working with Ashley for three years, my core is stronger than ever. I am more flexible and considerably stronger all around. I cross train and do Pilates and have not worked in the weight room in two years.  Because Ashley is an athlete and a dancer, she has a unique understanding of a client’s strengths and weaknesses.  No matter what your skill level or athletic background, Ashley knows how to work with you to reach and surpass your goals with patience and insight. She is a great Pilates instructor!”
-Ann Macauley

I worked with Ashley before and during my pregnancy. Ashley developed a fabulous prenatal pilates routine that continued to strengthen my core. My abdominals bounced back much quicker after giving birth. She gave such personalized attention, I highly recommend her services!"
-Alyson Stoakley

As someone who had been trying to find a way to exercise which would not exasperate my neck problems ( I have had 5 cervical disc operations) I found myself taking Pilates from Ashley Peth. From the very beginning she showed an ability to know just how to use the Pilate exercises to strengthen my body but not strain my neck. As time progressed she increased my ability and muscle tone but never pushed me beyond my threshold. I wish she was still in Virginia! She is a beautiful person both in statue and heart. She is a wonderful teacher and became a wonderful friend.  I miss her."
-Sue Fitz-Hugh

If you have the ability to be a Pilates student of Ashley Peth, I am jealous. I deeply miss working with Ashley in Richmond, Virginia. I worked with Ashley for several years before her move to Colorado. The Pilates sessions that I had with Ashley over those few years truly transformed the shape of my body to a slimmer, stronger, and straighter version. It was exciting to see results. As important, Ashley helped me rehab various parts of my body. As I worked with a physical therapist, I would tell her what our goal was and she always knew ways that we could work that area safely. This work with Ashley hastened all of the rehabilitation issues I had over the years and gave me strength in areas that had been neglected resulting in pain. Then when my daughter had hip surgery and the surgeon did not follow up at all with a recovery, rehab plan, it was Ashley that helped her gain the confidence to use her hip again and to correctly strengthen the muscles again that had been sitting dormant. When it was time for my daughter to go off to college, it was Ashley that took the initiative to find a skilled teacher that was qualified and capable of continuing what they had started. Working with Ashley was always a complete pleasure and productive. We will always be grateful for the opportunity we had to work with someone that professional, not to mention fun!"
-Michelle O’Donnell

"Working with Ashley truly transformed the way I view exercise. Following a knee and neck injury I thought my days of getting a good work out were over. Ashley showed me key strengthening exercises that not only got me back on track but have prevented me from having a relapse. Now I am stronger than ever and can't imagine a week without Pilates. Ashley's ability to listen to her client's needs and structure a work out around them is invaluable. And her enthusiasm is so addictive there is never a dull moment during her sessions."
-Neely Winston